The beginning, it was a mission to create pleasure in tourism industry. Here, at home away from home, we are making family from all over the world.

We are experienced in hotelier, starting the business at the beginning of 1970’s in a group of Bali Sanur Bungalow under the Management of Griya Wisata.

On the 1973, we are Puri Dalem Hotel as one of the pioneer of Bali Tourism Industry for the participation of PATA (Pacific Asia Tavel Association) which was held in Bali on 1974.

Time change, in 2000, we are Puri Dalem Hotel with a new brand starting its own management with simple way of serving as your home base to explore the uniqueness of Bali.

Nestled in Sanur Village with its legendary, Puri Dalem Hotel was built for an experience of living with arts and being part of hundreds of years old culture and traditions that flourished in this island. We let the guest feel like home. Amidst this vibrant area, Puri Dalem Hotel is an escape from the hustle and bustle outside to offer an idea of Comfort and Cozy. Puri means Palace offer the inner soul of peace. It is a dwelling of coziness, a restful retreat set within a green landscape at the edge of the Legendary Sanur Village.

Puri Dalem is designed to reflect a contemporary interpretation of traditional Balinese style and architecture, a unique setting from which to experience with the lush topical garden amongst the rooms.

By offering our experiences in hospitality, come to be our family with the gentleman and friendly staff, we offer you a new holiday experiences. we offer an inspiring haven of rejuvenation.


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